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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy new year from Tokyo!

Yup, in a couple days I will be heading off to the land of the rising sun and Fujiyama. I hope to post some photos of my trip here as the trip goes on. This isn't my first time to Japan, but it'll be a first for me as I'll be attending Comiket and seeing what that's all about and looking for doujinshi, manga and other books that seem hard to come by in the states. So check back every now and then and hopefully there will be something new to see. Ittekimasu!

Best wishes! ~ Jeff

1 comment:

Vinod Rams said...

RUN!! It's Moyzilla!! Hide your dojinshi and sexy model kits!!!

Have fun in Japan man! (Japanman?) Take some good "engrish" pics!