Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sketchnight 03.31.09

Okay, I'm going to start to dedicate more time on these nights to doing more digital color work. It's really the only way I'm ever going to get better at it. I'm using my Toshiba M700 tablet PC. So in all it's hideous glory are two pieces I was messing around with tonight.

One piece was done in Artrage using the pencil tool. Kinda neat, since it looks like color pencil. The other piece of just the head was done in Photoshop. Grayscale multiply layer with linework over a color layer.

The character I'm using is my Rock Band character Amber. They have a real nice character creation system. Although she looks way cuter in the game at this point...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Just when you thought you could get away from the snow. Blam!
Saturday had lots of wet, heavy snow, but that didn't deter many fans from coming out and seeing all the artists, celebrities, and Playmates. Many books and prints were sold and a good number of commissions were done as well. Thank you for everyone that attended! Sounds like next year will be even better! I am determined to get a new volume of Sketchgames done for San Diego. Wish me luck!