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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Comiket Day 2

It was a beautiful morning. Sunny and warm, maybe 60 degrees. Felt like spring. The second day of the con was focused more on the boys love doujinshi, so really not my cup of tea, but I did find some stuff to service my needs and needless to say we were out of the halls and back onto the cosplay patio. The moment we got up there there was a front coming in but I managed to get some nice shots. Once the front started moving in it got really cold and some cosplayers couldn't keep their head gear on. Andrew and I headed out and went to Shibuya which is another shopping district and we were going to hit Harajuku street but it was raining and crappy so I doubt the people who normally dress up and show off were there. :(
Day 3 is where the exhibitors sell pretty much all the hentai stuff, so needless to say it'll be packed. Need my rest.
Oyasumi nasai!

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Darth Tomi said...

I see a lovely goddess made her appearance.