Friday, October 15, 2010


Here's a huge art dump for Raven Software's Singularity. I came onto the project for the last year and a half of it's production, so the look and feel was pretty well established, but still allowed for creative freedom in terms of layout, architectural details, and some props.

This is a small sample of the amount of work I've done on the project, but illustrates many things concept artists should be thinking about when working on a game.

The Village

Barisov's Tower

Start Station (abandoned concept)

This was a bit of a bummer for me when the idea to start you out in something like an abandoned LOST Dharma station, and while exploring you come across a control center that has a recording dedicating the station and you would realize you're in an alternate world. The world is over thrown by the USSR and science has taken a great leap based upon research of E-99.

Research Labs

Props and Graphics

Storyboarding: I provided storyboards for many of the projects I worked on. Coming from comics, it seemed like a natural fit and I really enjoyed telling the story of our games and helping breath life into the characters.


Storyboarding: Katya Ending

Storyboarding: Alternate EndingStoryboarding: The following scenes were originally planned to be third person shots and include many sequences that were cut due to time and streamlining of the story.

Uber-TMD the Dam
Talk with Barisov
Feeder Boss Base Entry: This sequence was drawn much tighter to provide an example on how clear we can make these boards. The boards took much longer to draw and the monster was drawn by Vinod Rams.