Sunday, February 20, 2011

SKETCHGAMES 3.0 is on it's way to print.

Full Color Cover
Hi Amber
Gal Eating Fries? In Space???  Wha?

One of the 7 full color pages in the book
Some work work from long ago...
Here are some sample images from the new sketchbook.  It's 48 pages with 7 of those in color and a full color cover measuring 7 by 10.  It's got gals.  Lots of gals.  Video Game Gals, Space Gals, Asia Gals, Fantasy Gals, Mech Gals, Jungle Gals and some other stuff I used to do for work to round it out.  I plan on having it for  C2E2 in Chicago next month, so look for me there and pick yourself up a copy. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Game Concept Art Part 1: Characters and Alkali Lake

Traveling back in time now and looking at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition.  It's a game where, despite being a movie adaptation, is the closest to the look and feel of being Wolverine.  Seriously, the guy has an indestructible skeleton and claws that can slice through anything.  So imagine what that would do to a human body and, oh yeah, we went there.  So rent, buy a copy, used or new, it doesn't matter to me anymore more, but check it out.  Oh, you can watch him heal damage from skeleton, to muscle, to skin as well.

I was on this game for the duration of production.  There were the earliest concepting stages where you were allowed to just be creative with almost no restrictions.  We explored what we could do with the character and places he would go.  What would make cool environments to fight in? What kind of baddies could possibly stand a chance against an enemy you can't possibly kill, etc...

In part one of this post, I have some character and Alkali Lake environment drawings.  This is where the Weapon X Project was located in the movies.  You guys know me, I'm more of an environment guy, not so much character for games, but it was nice to stretch my style a little bit here and get it to be a little more realistic compared to my comic book approach to things.  The environment drawings posted here are just a small amount against the hundreds that were created by me and other concept artists.  Especially Alkali Lake.  This went through several changes in the game design and many ideas were just not used, due to time, or complication, but they would've been epic to see in the game.

This is the game where I actually began to change to working totally digitally on the Cintiq.  I just couldn't draw on the Wacom tablet since there was the disconnect with my hand on the tablet and the cursor on the screen.  The Cintiq removed that disconnect and so I was able to create a bit faster and clearer by dropping tones in under the drawing.  Looking back on some of these, I could've probably been a little cleaner...


Flamethrower dude to burn the skin off of Wolvie.

Might have gotten a little Halo-y on these.

Energy gauntlets to pack a punch.

Roughs and my final submission for the Cloaking soldier.

Trying some color variations.
Some of my roughs for the Grappler in the Jungle.

Action and vista concept for Alkali Lake

Vista and layout concept looking down on a base.  Some architectural concepts.

Architectural details for windows and columns
Yeah! Crates and ho hum objects, but someone's gotta do it and I'm all to happy to do it.  Is that wrong?