Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C2E2 Commission Pics Part 3.

Last of the commissions from C2E2. The convention itself was a lot of fun and attracted many people from around the midwest who I used to see when I would hit the Mid Ohio Con or Motor City Con. There were also many Legion fan who dropped by to get books signed and let me know how much they appreciated the time we spent on the Legion and wouldn't mind seeing us return for an encore. Not sure if that would happen but with the Legion making a push back into the spotlight, I'd be happy to help out in any capacity. Thanks again for all that attended the show and especially the fans who stopped by to say hi!

C2E2 2010 Commission Pics Part 2.

More commissions from the first C2E2.

The late but huge C2E2 2010 commission update. Part 1.

Enjoy the many varied commission done for the show. Lots of personal characters and a few more obscure as well as some known that I have drawn before.