Thursday, December 27, 2007

Arrival in Tokyo

after running to catch a plane in Dallas Ft. Worth I made my connection and suvived the 13 hour plane ride over here, only to find that my luggage didnt. Thats okay because I have to wait for my friend and guide Andrew to arrive in a couple hours. The next flight from Dallas had my bags on it and met up with Andrew. We made our way from Narita to Tokyo via the train where our hotel was waiting: the Toyoko Inn chain. Very nice and clean although a bit small if you dont mind, which I dont. We finished out the evening by walking around the area and Andrew gave me the 2 yen tour and managed to get some shopping done at an anime store called toranana, but only managed to get an hour in before they closed for the night and then at a Yoshinoya and had a lovely beef bowl set. The weather is nice and cool compared to the tundra like weather Wisconsin was in. Not really jet lagged so I should be good to go to take on more running around. Ganbarre! (Ill have to check my spelling on that, plus the keyboard are kinda funky with the multiple shifting so my puncuations a little off, its a learning thing....)


Philip said...

Ah wonderful Ikkebukero! Did any prostitues hit on you on the way to Toranoana? :P How bout having Andrew taking some pics of you actually in Tokyo so we know that you're really there?

Hope you're having fun though. :)

artboymoy said...

Yeah, I'm faking it. Just like the moon landing. He's off doing business.