Monday, January 30, 2012


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes #6 Cover

Whoo!  I got to do a cover for the book.  Better late than never.  Went with a retro style with the linework and composition and colors.  Drawn and colored in Photoshop.

Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes #4 Pencil Highlights

Drawing some more Trek looking tech.  Note the plasma screen ala Borg.

Having fun with McCoy and Saturn Girl's conversation.

Cityscape environment and the challenge of the group shot in a small confined shuttlecraft.

First time Kirk gets to use his mojo on Shady.

Just had fun with the layout and action.

Again, more fun action.  Although giant battles are a pain.  Great McCoy dialog noting the color of Brainy's blood.

Can you feel the tension?  Uhura butt shot, too.  :)

I didn't just want to show the backs of the teams looking at the one figure, so I continued the shocked look into the stylized composition.  I gave Chekov the "confuzzled" face, because it actually exists.  Look it up.

Kirk recognizes Flint from his universe, but I'm not sure how, with the dark colored hair and goatee, but the script takes care of that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes #3 pencil highlights

Nice role call type of page as the two teams face off.

The Amalgam Universe Imperial Elite.  Star Trek characters and races take over the Fatal Five.

girl on girl on girl action.  'Nuff said.

The original script had a smaller version of Validus as himself, but it felt weird to me to have that, so I suggested the gorilla like Mugatu to fill in his place.  Liked the teamwork in this one.

Showy double page spread for the Trek guys.

...and one for the Legion crew.

My roughs for the Imperial Elite.  Note Mugatu's color here.  I was surprised and pleased with the purple Mugatu in the comic.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes #2 pencil highlights

Here are a bunch of pages from the second issue, that I found fun to draw.
It's been a while since I had to draw a sky line.
Really fun double page spread featuring the amalgam universe.
Hero shots are always fun and the city shot in the first two panels lent itself a cinematic quality.
More fun group shots.
Got to flesh out the shipyard out a bit more for the scene.  Typically I would want to draw a layout before starting the page but you don't really know how extensive it will be until you see the script.
I think this is a nice balanced page with the escape and the cool down getting back to the story.
Starting to get the hang of drawing an "older" Legion.
And there you have it.  They finally meet!  What will happen?  Oh noes.