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Friday, December 28, 2007

Figure Hunting...

End to an incredible day in Akihabara. The second trip after we returned to the hotel to drop stuff off, I decided to take it easy and just shop for some figures. Some real nice finds and I played at a ,whatchacallit claw machine game for the first time. Yeah they took about 1700 yen of my money but most of that was on the first figure while the second figure took 5 tries. They're the two figures below the Bubblegum crisis figure. Will be making a return trip to see what the other toy stores have, but tomorrow is the first day of 'ket so I need me rest.

Jaa mata!

1 comment:

Inkermoy said...

5 bucks for a cutesy Gundam figure, not bad :) I'll have to get some tips from you on how to hook em.