Monday, November 17, 2014


Here are some drawings I did of one of the main characters in the Time Jumping Scottish Highlander Show, OUTLANDER.  My friend wanted a little drawing of Jamie and this led to a request for a design for the HEUGHLIGANS, a fan group for the actor, Sam Heughan and one of the charities he supports.

Monday, August 18, 2014


This year I will be in Artist Alley booth space C50!  It's all the way to the right of Artist Alley, but should be pretty easy to find. Stop on by and get a commission, some sketchbooks or just browse through my portfolio.

Sadly I wasn't able to line up Baltimore Comic Con, so that's a no go.  I'm still looking at a couple more shows for the year, so check back later.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conventions added for 2014: Chicago Comic Con and possibly Baltimore Comic Con

I am adding the Chicago Comic Con (August 21-24th, 2014) to this year's show and it's coming up fast.  If you'd like a preshow commission to be done and ready to pick up, please let me know at

The pricing for commissions are my standard $40 for a single character penciled minimal background on 9 by 12, $60 for the same on 11 by 14, and $80 for 11 by 17.  Multiple characters multiply the base price by the number of characters you want becoming your new base price.  Inks add 50% of the base price, and inks and gray tone Copic markers add 100% to the base price.

I'm also checking in on attending the Baltimore Comic Con and will post something when I know for sure.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comic Con International Artist Alley Space and YAFI #3

Just got back from the printers and I'm pleased to present You Asked For It: Volume 3!  It's a 48 page, black and white, square bound book collecting a selection of commission requests from the year 2007.  The book measures 7 by 10 inches and can be purchased for $15 at the show.  I also have my sketchbook deal going for this any any of my other books at the table.  You buy the first one at full price and every book after that is $5 off!  It's really a great deal if you're new to my work or don't have any of my sketchbooks and would like to start your own collection.

For those attending Comic Con International my Artist Alley space is at BB05.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece for yourself for pick up at the show or to get on the list early, contact me at:

My commission rates and services are as follows:

Single character pencil base price is $40 on 9 by 12, $60 on 11 by 14, and $80 on 11 by 17.

Inks add 50% of the base price to final price.

Inks and copic gray tone markers add 100% of the base price to final price.

Multiple character pieces multiply the base price by # of characters requested.  Deals can be made for specific requests and ideas.  Never hurts to ask for a quote.  Please drop on by and say hi!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hey!  Are you going to C2E2 in Chicago the weekend of April 25th through 27th?  Want to get a commission but are only going one day?  There's a solution!  It's the preshow commission!  That's right, just send me an email to: with your request and I'll get back to you with a quote and once payment is sent, all you have to do is drop by my table at C2E2 to pick it up!

Base prices start at $40 for a single character, minimal background, penciled on 9 by 12, $60 on 11 by 14, and $80 on 11 by 17.  Inks add 50% of the base price, and inks and gray tone markers add 100% of the base price.  Multiple characters and extra stuff will need to be quoted.

Don't delay!  Order now!
Sample of inks ready for marker

Sample of pencils

Sample of inks and gray tone markers

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pre Order Commissions for Planet Comicon 2014!

Planet Comicon is just about a month away and I'm opening the list to take orders for pick up at the show.  The standard rate is $40 for a 9x12 single character pencil drawing $60 for 11 by 14 and $80 for 11 by 17 with minimal background.  Any additional services like inking and gray tone markers are extra and generally add another half to double the price of the base commission.  Multiple characters multiply the base rate for the piece.  If you're looking for something special, please get in touch with me with your request and I'll quote you a price.

Email your requests to:

Pencils example
Inks Example

Inked and Gray Marker Example