Monday, November 21, 2011

Star Trek Legion of Superheroes #1 pencil highlights

Here are some pages from the first issue of the Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes crossover I, and my brother are fortunate to work on.  Actually, it's a really nice fit having worked on both properties.  The trick was to find a balance between the two and I felt keeping a style that might fit the television series would work best.
Big attack on Durla in the alternate dimension to kick off the series.

First time to draw the entire crew.  Only had get approved for Kirk and Spock.  Bridge might be a little more spacious here than the actual set.

Drawing the bridge was a lot of fun.  Plenty of reference online.

The Legion team for this book.  I wanted to keep them closer to the feel of the Levitz/ Giffen era, which they're from, so drawing them older wasn't as hard to do as one might expect, given I'm used to drawing them in their teens.