Monday, April 6, 2015

Preshow Commissions for C2E2

It's a few more weeks to C2E2 in Chicago and what better way to have something to remember it by than getting a commission from me!?  Okay, there are tons of better and way cooler things, but let's make me one of them.  I'll be selling sketchbooks, prints, and original art at discount pricing.  There are a bunch of pieces I came across and thought I'd see if anyone wanted them.  I'm also taking preshow commissions for the show and you can get in touch with me about them at

Commission prices start at $40 for a 9 by 12 single character penciled drawing, $60 at 11 by 14, and $80 for an 11 by 17 piece.  Inks add an additional 50% of the base price for the size and inks and markers double the base price for the size.