Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comicon 2009

All hands on deck!

As I write this I'm about 34,000 feet in the air. Using the wireless set up the have on this flight. It's nice and gives me something to do while I'm trying to stay awake and get back on central time after a late night of packing. Should also think to bring a DC adaptor to plug in.

All and all the convention was really packed, more than it seemed to be before. Lots more lines and lots of people waiting. But I think that's typical for this show now. My table set up, which I forgot to take a picture of was pretty typical, but probably lacking in something that would really grab the attention of people not familiar with me or my work. I probably did about 15 sketches for the show.

Wednesday we went out with some friends to LaJolla and along the sea cave there was a group of sea lions. From what I hear, there are plans to kick them off a beach somewhere nearby. Too bad. I think they're pretty cool to watch. Convention wise, it was Preview Night and it was packed. This was my day to say hi to fellow artists and trade some sketchbooks and buy various things.

Here's some random pics from the show.



Brush with celebs!

Rocking out to Lego Rock Band!

Weird swag!

Teaming Humanity!

I might have more when I get home and sort through my thoughts and pictures. Until then, I hope you were entertained.