Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conventions added for 2014: Chicago Comic Con and possibly Baltimore Comic Con

I am adding the Chicago Comic Con (August 21-24th, 2014) to this year's show and it's coming up fast.  If you'd like a preshow commission to be done and ready to pick up, please let me know at

The pricing for commissions are my standard $40 for a single character penciled minimal background on 9 by 12, $60 for the same on 11 by 14, and $80 for 11 by 17.  Multiple characters multiply the base price by the number of characters you want becoming your new base price.  Inks add 50% of the base price, and inks and gray tone Copic markers add 100% to the base price.

I'm also checking in on attending the Baltimore Comic Con and will post something when I know for sure.

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