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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Japan Trip: Musings...

Back home now and after a bit of jet lag, I'm almost back to normal. All said and done I had a wonderful time and want to thank Andrew, Miki, and Yoshio for hanging out and it was good to see Dan K. at Comiket. Should've taken a pic for the buds back home.

Being able to go to Japan and shop for books and figures was amazing, not to mention expensive. There's just so much good stuff there that you can't find easily or at all without having someone who knows where to look. My hats off to you Andrew. Thanks Miki and Yoshio for joining us and getting us some culture at Kamakura, I really enjoyed my time out there seeing the shrine and temples and my buddy Daibutsu. It was nice getting out of the city for the day.

This trip was more about satisfying the otaku in me but after spending the week there I would really like to return and do a more cultural experience, visiting historical sites, hot springs, maybe even cherry blossom viewing, if the season's right.

I will probably think of something that I forgot to cover and will post later on but for now there are pictures from my trip to look at (lots of cosplay and architecture it seems), and some commercials that I saw on tv with some American movie stars like Cameron Diaz. The ones with Tommy Lee Jones are great with the best. Try and catch them all...


P.S.: Here's a sketch I did in my book while waiting at the Narita Airport terminal. Eh, head might be a bit big, so sue me. Back to art!


Mauricio said...

HI There ! glad you had fun !

Chris said...

My goodness. Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves there. One of these days, I will make it out for winter Comiket. Guess it's just summer for me.