Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming soon...

Just getting back home from a great week in San Diego. The weather was a bit overcast for most of the time and the temps were comfortable to almost chilly compared to most of the weather around the country. I did plenty of sketches, saw a couple celebs and lots of great costumes. Check back in the next day or two for the upload.



brinlondo1972 said...

Hi Jeff,
I see your planning on attending Chicago Con. I was wondering if I could get a commission done in advance that I would pick up on Sat. at the Con. You did an awesome commission for me in 2005 of Ferro Lad and Blok. I'm debating between a large 11x17 (comic board) or 11x14 of the Fatal Five (which I'd love but I don't know if I can afford) or a simpler 9x12 of a single Legion member.(which I know I could afford). Could you give me a price on each.
Thanks a ton...huge legion fan and a big fan of your work,
Tyler -
P.S. I was really bummed when they did those variant Action Comics (Legion cross-over) with older Legion artists and you weren't included!!

artboymoy said...

Hey Tyler,

Thanks! I got your email and will let you know, although I still have to actually look into setting up at Chicago Comic Con this year. It totally slipped my mind and it's what, two weeks away? Yikes.