Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Legion pic rough Take 2

So after doing the first rough, I thought it looked okay, but something still felt off. So I showed it to my partner in crime, Cory Carani and he suggested some layout arrangements, like moving the founders more center and kinda having Sensor bookend M'onel a bit. Also resized some other figures so the founders were more prominent. I think I'll go with this layout and hopefully get it done in short order seeing how the SDCC deadline for contributions to the souvenir book is April 25th.... BTW, this was drawn on the tablet at 72 dpi, so it's a little rough.


Unknown said...

Looks like a great piece, there is however something missing. Since it's about Legion, I believe that both Superboy and Supergirl should be there since they are an important part of the Legion history and continuity.Superboy could even be near the founding members and Supergirl close to Brainiac 5 for obvious reasons.

just my opinion. ;)

artboymoy said...

Thanks, Mauricio. The LOSH series I worked on didn't really have Superboy or Supergirl as part of the team or even the history. If I remember correctly we were kinda going off the notion of the Justice League of America. And since it's my piece, I get to draw what I want. :) I'm sure the appearance of Superboy or Supergirl will show up in someone else's Legion contribution. This is just a nostalgic look back at the team and some of the characteristics they had. Not even trying to cover the whole Legion of this era. Although if I did I think I'm missing Gates, Umbra, Monstress, Element Lad, a couple more dead guys and Lori Morning. Heh heh. I should throw Lori in there just for fun. :)

Kris said...

Lori?! You monster! (Do it.)

It's looking good. Moving the founders into the center was a good call by Cory.

And your Legion isn't completely gone. DC has been teasing a crossover between all three incarnations.